Bluetooth stops playing after ~3 min

Hi guys!
I’ve faced the bluetooth problem with Volumio 3 on Raspberry + HifiBerry Amp2

After playing through Bluetooth source, the Volumio stops playing.
There is a log:

Thank you

I have reproduced this problem on version 2.861. Exactly the same behavior. In both cases the same configuration: Raspberry 3 + HifiBerry Amp2 (I have two devices). After several minutes the sound disappears, my source smartphone continues sending a stream to Volumio bluetooth, but without any audio effect. Stop and start a track on a smartphone usually recovers the sound on Volumio.

From which os and app are you sending Bluetooth?

I used two different android smartphones, both under Android 11 + MIUI.
Applications were and Youtube

I’struggeling with the same problem. Does anybody know a bug fix?
Is this problem in Volumio 3 still existing?
Using Volumio Virtuoso I will not upgrade to higher priced plan, if problem still exists…

I have struggled with this problem also! Finally I know what causes this problem!
Some specific network activity such as SSH stops bluetooth playing.
The main culprit is /tmp/ which creates reverse ssh tunnel.
Run command chmod 000 /tmp/ to stop reverse tunnel.
Please remember that your ssh login to volumio will also stop bluetooth playing so be carefull. It is better to disable ssh from /dev/ page eventually.

After I made these two steps I can now listen to music using bluetooth without stopping after minutes.

Dear Volumio team,
please investigate and fix the problem. It is related to ssh connections especially to /tmp/ which make some connections every few minutes and therefore stops bluetooth playing.

Thanks for your suggestion.

We are aware of this issue and we are working on it. The SSH tunnel is not the cause, but rather a consequence of this issue.
This seems to be due to a slight change in how the latest debian handles Bluetooth messages.

It would be great if you could send a log just after bluetooth stops playing, so we verify also in your case.


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My logs: