Best storage method for a primo streamer

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has connected an ssd drive to their primo via usb , for a music source and if one with an external power supply would be best. From a sound quality only perspective, would this sound better than using nas storage whether ssd or hard drive. I am currently using a usb flash drive as my source with a usb output to my integrated amp and it sounds very good so am thinking of a directly connected storage rather than my old nas drive. I appreciate the convenience aspect of the nas .
If there was a pecking order for sound quality from the same set up which is the best source to connect to your streamer
Nas hd
Nas ssd
Usb ssd
Usb ssd with own power supply
Usb ssd with ifi low noise power supply
Usd HD’s with options as for Ssd above
Usb flash.
Anyone found any discernible difference when moving to different sources?been googling this but so many different opinions. I am going to test the options i have myself btw.


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@DED you could advice him on this…

I would prefer to avoid additional PSU’s to the system. Or spend money on expensive low distortion PSU’s.
I’ve connected a SSD enclosure form inateck, with a 860 EV0 mSata. the Pi has no issues powering it.

This is my personal suggestion!
I think there is not a correct answer but only personal points of view in relation each to their own tests.


Volumio tech support

My personal opinion is that a NAS is the ideal solution…
I personally use just my NAS: low noise, low consumption and a single place to store all my music

Thanks everyone for replying, I am going to try a few options and will update this post when done

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Almost certainly NAS for me. I found I was getting read, write and transfer noise on USB in quieter parts of the track in playback. OK, it was negligible but annoying all the same.

However, big caveat:

I found the data cables I used made a huge difference.

I know a lot of people say this is utter nonsense and data cables do not improve the sound - after all, they’re just delivering 0’s and 1’s - but I found I was getting crosstalk from cheap cables (I guess being picked up on audio cables in close proximity). I replaced the ethernet cables with SFTP shielded cables and shielded USB’s (not expensive, just a couple of quid more expensive than standard Amazon ones) and the crosstalk disappeared.

I also found the USB cable from the RPi to a Cambridge Audio USB DAC to be the biggest offender.

To see if you’re getting a problem select an unused source input on the Amp (eg. phono) and put on full volume. Play a track on Volumio and see if you can hear the data packet transfer - I could. It was even louder when copied files from the network to and from an attached USB SSD!

Just a tip - try it out. I’d be interested to hear other peoples findings.