Berryboot volumio 1.1 SquashFS format

A forum member asked me to upload a volumio 1.1 raspberry pi SquashFS format to use with berryboot. I’m sharing it with other forum members that might need it.

Thanks for the image!


I am a new Raspberry user and have successfully tetsted my PI with Volumio. Wishing to Dualboot with Volumio and Openelec. I am not able to download as “” is not supported with my ISP in India. Can anybody load the above image or preferably an image of 1.2. beta in some other server . I tried to create an image myself on my Ubuntu 12.04 (dual boot wih Win 7) but on installing kpartx and squashfs the ubuntu is not booting. In recovery mode its getting frozen at Mounting Root… . So I could not experiment creating SquashFS image of volumio 1.2 beta image file.

Secondly one more advise. If i successfully install volumio on berryboot through PEN drive. Shall I have to keep my PEN drive plugged in everytime I boot into VOLUMIO?

Thanks to all. This is my first post and expecting some help as I am a pure newbie when it comes to linux.

Isn’t SquashFS read only? better use UBIFS that has compression and stays read/write. It also supports natively flash memories.

Sadly the link doesn`t work anymore. Does anyone have those SquashFS format available ?