Beaglebone Image corrupt

Hello there, I have been trying to get Volumio working on my Beaglebone Black but I can’t get it to boot. I updated the BBB OS prior to trying Volumio and even so I haven’t been able to boot from SDCard.

Analysing the partitions on the SDCard there seems to be a problem because there are one blank partition before the FAT boot partition and another blank one after. I think that this is probably why it won’t boot. The boot partition is not the first one on the chip.

I flashed Volumio to the SDCard using dd

Any help?

Did you check the md5sum of your download? Do you see the correct led flashing sequence (sorry, I don’t know what it should be for a BBB) to indicate it is booting, or if there is a problem.

Exactly what did you do here?

You are using an SD card rather than eMMC?

I am same situation.
MD5 is not correct probably.
I checked it using digestIT 2004.

MD5 is correct.
But I cannot boot,too.

Yes I checked the md5/sha256sum for both of them. The first thing I did was to download the latest OS image for the BBB (GUI Debian) and flash it to the eMMC. Then I updated it also, after successfully booting it without the SDCard.

I went on and flashed de SDCard with the BBB Volumio image, and tried to boot it on the BBB. It won’d boot. All LEDs keep lit and nothing else happens.

Analysing the SDCard with gparted I noticed that the FAT boot partition is not the first one on the flash. I suspect this is the problem. The pi3 Volumio image looks good, only 3 partitions with the boot one first.