Beaglebone Black using I2S?

Hi, interested to hear of anybody successfully using Volumio on a BBB via I2S.

I have connected BBB to ES9023 DAC via I2S. Get music but distortion on one channel.

Have same dac working fine from RaspberryPi via I2s (not using Volumio in this case).


Anyone know how to config Volumio to outout I2S on BBB? I just got the BBB yesterday and like to use I2S instead of USB.


I have had music playing via I2S using Volumio on the BBB but one channel had some distortion.

Within the GUI I selected “Black” as the output in the Playback screen, I believe thats all that is required. Give it a try and let us know the results.

Having said that I am also aware there are issues with resampling to 48khz which are yet to be resolved but you should get something out via the I2S connections.

Interesting thread on diyAudio on that: … cance.html