BCK problem

I use PCM1794 with I2S and it works with MP3 and WAV files and not work with FLAC. PCM1794 require 128xFs at least (according datasheet).
After some measurement I see that when play MP3 files BCK is 128xFs, but when play FLAC files BCK is only 64xFs.
Can this be fixed? Is it possible to set up BCK to preferred values?

I know that mp3s are sampled at 24 bit because of libsamplerate, try to set mpd resampling at 24 and see if it does the trick…
Add that to the alsa output section

format “44100:24:2″ 

Let me know! (it is however a dirty fix, since it will resample, which is baaaaad for audiophiles like me and you…)

Yes, with this settings it works with 128 x Fs with FLAC.
Is there any way to fix BCK without resample?