BBC Radio Stations (Auto Update) Not Appearing In Playlist

I’ve found Volumio most useful for playing material (particularly audiobooks - no getting up to change CD) and have now started to use it to listen to the radio. I’m using a Raspberry Pi Model B with Volumio 1.41.

I’ve been trying use a script to auto-update BBC Radio streams following the process described in the thread: posted by steves » Wed Jan 29 2014 23:24.

The script seems to run successfully as I get the message “Generating BBC playlists… generated”.

Also when I look in the WebRadio folder using a Windows box there are a set of new .m3u files.

When I run the WebGui and refresh the WebRadio folder the relevant m3u files appear in the listing.

However, when one of these entries is added to the Playlist there is a message saying it has been added but when checking there is nothing in the Playlist.

Has anyone have any ideas why this is happening?