BBC further killing off Web Radio in favour of BBC sounds App?

Hi all,

I listen to BBC Radio 6 Music pretty constantly and usually use my Raspberry Pi running Volumio with Web Radio. Put it on today and had a message play over the top of the stream telling me they were ending support for this device.

It seems to be a common theme for the BBC forcing you to use their App. The cynic in me assumes this is purely so they can data mine everyone.

Further info from the beeb here: Why do I hear a message on my internet radio stating that BBC Radio will stop working on 22 March? | BBC Sounds

Does anyone know of any other way to access Radio 6 on Volumio? I don’t really want to have to use the BBC Sound App and airplay. I like to have the radio on in the background while using my phone for other things which would constantly interrupt airplay.

I suppose this post is part request for help but also part rant - sorry.

Thanks all!

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I notice that LMS has a BBC Sounds plugin. A possibility for Volumio perhaps?

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There are quite a number of threads on here about the upcoming BBC changes. I am sure that a BBC sounds plugin is possible … just waiting for someone to step up into the breach :smiley:

From a personal perspective, BBC Sounds is quite a complex beast, with catchup, podcasts, sounds etc. etc. I would be quite content with live streams.

Btw, hi haydiddly & welcome to the Volumio Community :smiley:

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I have just found this after pulling my volumio device out of storage. I have been listening to BBC on the radio shortwave software on linux, and I seem to remember being able to use custom urls for radios, so I’m going to look at that. If I’m succesful I will post back here

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