Bandcamp plugin

Yes, Bandcamp as it supports artists in a fairer way.

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I don’t use Bandcamp but have explored the possibility of making a Bandcamp plugin…

First off, their API is geared towards artists, labels and merch vendors instead of the consumer. This means it’s not possible to access Bandcamp resources through officially supported methods. Nor would it be possible to perform authentication and access stuff that is specific to your account, like purchases and followed artists.

It may be possible to write a plugin that scrapes publicly-available data from the Bandcamp website and play the low-quality MP3 tracks you can find there. But I would like to know if it is worth the effort of doing this?

Furthermore, if you don’t have a Bandcamp account, are there restrictions on what songs you can play or the number of times you can play anything?

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thank you for exploring the possibilitys. for me i can say that i am using bandcamp to look for new bands and albums. the killer-feature is imo, that you can hear the whole album 3 times or more without paying for subscription. so you can get a good impression of what you get if you buy it, so i do then. the quality is good enough therefore and you have music you probably never heard from before. to find the right for your taste it where at least necessary to search in genres and sort by date.

Not what you’re asking for but as a fan of both Bandcamp and Volumio, here’s what I’m doing.

When I want to explore Bandcamp instead of listening to webradio or my library, I use the bandcamp ap on my phone and cast it to my volumio player. It works fine with my phone or laptop and either of my Pi3 or Pi4 volumio setups.

Kind of a work around, but it works.