Bandcamp plugin

I think Bandcamp would make a great plugin.

I agree with Steve,
There are many bands that have their own catalog on Bandcamp and not on Spotify or Tidal. It would be great to be able to listen to them through Volumio.
Any chance? :slight_smile:

Jumping in as well as Bandcamp is the service I use the most. I’m in the need for a BC plugin for years. Please do it!

It would be great to have a plugin for the only platform that really supports artists. I have a vaste catalog on BC and it would be great if I can stream it through Volumio.


Registered to say “+1” on a Bandcamp plugin.

No reason why this shouldn’t become a plugin if somebody fancied taking it on. I see that Bandcamp have a well-published API.

+1 It would be great


I stream my Bandcamp via upnp currently


would be great

Thank you