Bad internet radio decoding

I’m using latest Volumio version on Raspberry Pi 3 with HiFiberry DAC+.

I added some of my favourites radio stations manually to Volumio.
I have a problem with one of the radio broadcaster OpenFM.
It starts playing for part of the second with good sound but then suddenly sound is “dimmed” and only high frequency sound is audible. I have to make louder to hear anything but anyway is not the full sound spectrum. Hope you can imagine what I mean.
I don’t have such issue with any of other stations or music played.
All the streams from this broadcaster and only from this have the same problem.

It was OK some months ago but after one of the updates I had this problem, so I downgraded the system but the problem remained.

Any ideas how could I fix it?



Same here with latest Volumio2. I already asked twice on this forum and filed two bug reports. First bug report closed by Volumio -no reason given.

You can find my second bug report here.