Autoplay Radio every morning


I would like Volumio to load a specific radio (or playlist) every morning at a specific time (thus replace whatever I have in the queue).
I need this feature as I use Volumio when no-one is at home… strange, but quite rational as this might, if not scare, make burglars hesitant to break in as it sounds like some one is home. I would prefer to put a specific radio on, rather than today to play whatever I listen to the last time I changed.

(I use an obsolete android loaded with Tasker and MPDroid to toggle play/stop during the day depending on if anyone is home or not. Of course I can use it in any ordinary sense when I am home but the rest of the family prefer silence or other music players when coming home.)

Maybe this is a very idiosyncratic feature for us lazy types who like automated home. :wink:



WebRadio as Morning Alarm!