Audiophonics Sabre ES9023 I2S DAC

Hi ev’rybody.

Just a quick post to share I received today the Audiophonics Sabre ES9023 I2S DAC: … -8396.html

I tried it and it sounds great

Here it is in a very messy setup along with an Adafruit LCD display.


Nice setup!!, I am waiting for over a month now for a restock (and a listing on their ebay page) looks like a great DAC.
Was the the display plug and play or did you have to edit some config files/use special distribution?

The display is a kit from Adafruit industries:
It requires a little soldering, but it’s very fun to build.
As for the software, I wrote my own implementation and I will soon post the source code.
In the meantime, check the work of the wise cyber7, easy to install and ready to use:


I will take a look!

Hello, I juste received mine, but doesn’t work !!
Could you post the linked setup
I have connected +5V, GND, DATA, LRCK and BCK to P1-12, P1-06 P5-06, P5-04, P5-03

Is it OK ?


See this thread to check:

You have enabled I2S in Volumio haven’t you? The Hifiberry setting works with my ES9023.