audio gd NFB-1 2015 + allo isolator + kali i2s reclocker

allo isolator + kali i2s reclocker input i2s audio gd NFB-1 2015 model

this combination works perfectly.

note! make sure that the switch on the allo isolator is on slave mode and put i2s output device in voumio on dac model on R-PI dac.
and separately give 5 volts for the raspberry pi and 5 volts for the kali reclocker and make sure the jumper is on.

I used a 30 cm long rj45 cat 5 cable.

I also connected the mclk signal to the audio gd nfb-1 015 dac.

note! if that does not work cut the mclk cable in the audio gd dac and make a ground connection, see also link diy audio gd.

kali reclocker audio gd dac NFB-1 2015, i2s conections.

kali—pin 12 BCLK------------- on audio gd----pin 5: SCLK
--------pin 35 LRCLK----------- on---------------- pin 3: LRCK
--------pin 29 MCLK------------ on---------------- pin 7 : MCLK
-------pin 40 DATA------------ on-----------------pin 1: SDATA
-------pin 39 GND------------- on----------------pin 8: GND

here some pictures of my self made streamer :smiley:

the case made of aluminum tear plate with an official 7 inch raspberry pi touchsceen with a usb entrance at the front.

recently everything in a different box built in, only the aluminum edge nicely finishing.
in the future I will use even better linear power supplies.
there will be a coax input to use a hifiberry digi + pro.

In the meantime I changed my setup, I sold the audio gd (i2s constantly gave a plop with start and stop music) an allo piano 2.1 came back for it.
built everything in a new cabinet and added an r-core and toroidal transformer and provides the new studer900 regulator with power.
also a 5 volt 3 amp regultor for the raspberry pi 3b + gets power from the r-core transformer.

the setup now consists of raspberry pi 3b + / allo isolator / kali reclocker / allo pioano 2.1.

now sounds similar to audio gd with i2s.

in the meantime replaced the switching power supply for the 7 inch touchscreen with a linear, added an extra toroidal transformer, shielded all transformers, also used a better 5 volt 5 amp regultor for the raspbery pi, all cables better shielded.
a few holes in the top for heat dissipation and a usb input on the front.
on one side a larger heatsink for the studer900.

sounds good now :smiley:

What will happen if you ‘hot push/pull’ the I2S?

I am working with a project of my own. The output of the I2S from the Kali appears to contain a lot of ripple / spikes. Have I caused damage by hot connection?

I’m using the Allo Kali Reclocking unit with a RasPi3 feeding a digital I/O board. This provides AES/EBU, SPDIF, TOSLINK and I²S via HDMI (LVDS) acc. to PS-Audio-Standard.

No problems feeding I²S to my PS-Audio Perfect Wave DAC.

I think that the plop is caused by the audio gd itself … see link in which it is also mentioned, website is unfortunately in Dutch.

and never unplug the i2s cable or into an audio gd dac that is operational.

see a piece of text from that website …

“The older Audio-GD DACs often had the annoying habit of making a tick when switching between different audio formats, sometimes even spicy loud”

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Hi, I’m planning to use a Pi with the PS PerfectWave DAC over HDMI.
Or the Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro (which is PS-like on it’s HDMI I2S Input).

Which digital I/O board have you used for HDMI ?