Asus Tinker Board Volumio 3 failed to load wlan0

Hi there

I was installed Volumio 3 on Tinker board. and failed to enable wifi connection. Here my logs : . Somebody can help me to fix this issue?



It does not seem to find a wifi device.
I’ve seen this behavior also when the antenna is not connected/ became loose. Can you check that?
Otherwise someone else may be able to help.


I checked the antenna and seems oke. And still failed to load wlan0 interface. Thanks for you respon.


As gkkpch says the wifi is not found. I would double check with a basic RPi OS installation, but then looks like hardware. Do you have a USB dongle to try?

I dont have usb dongle to try :slight_smile:. Can any body help with some coding tweaks to fix that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Wlan is working properly on an Asus Tinkerboard with our image.
Many others are using it with Volumio 3, which includes Primo users.
There is nothing to “code” for your installation, it is supposed to work out-of-the-box.

As @chsims1 suggests, try a normal TinkerOS image to compare with.
See Asus Tinkerboard download page
For the comparison it does not really make a difference between tinkerboard or tinkerboard s.
To me it also looks like a hardware issue, seeing the log does not show a wlan0 device at all. So not a failing wifi, but apparently absent.

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I just installed Volumio 3.179 to my Asus Tinkerboard S and everything went fine. I was be able to connect to Volumio wifi hotspot in order to complete the set up. But the Peppy Meter plug-in doesn’t work with TBS so I’ll stick with my Pi4 for now.

Hi @gkkpch …may be I’ll try it later :slightly_smiling_face: now just too lazy to flashing it again.:laughing: Now I enjoy the board with lan connection. I agree with @chsims1 and you. Many thanks for you respons in advance.