One other nice touch would be artwork displayed in the GUI.


I like the clean design of the playing screen, but artwork would be fantastic.

  • download latest rompr zip
  • extract it in /var/www directory on your RPi (subdirectory /var/www/rompr should be created)
  • go to /rompr


On a related note, how much of the volumio UI is based on Raspyfi, or completely re-designed? I am new to volumio, no past with Raspyfi. I’m just wondering if Raspyfi had this, and is this just something volumio devs haven’t gotten to? I’d prefer a solution within volumio rather than adding another 3rd party app. But Rompr does look interesting - basically a complete replacement for the volumio web interface it looks like. Does it auto-hook up to MPD on the volumio setup so that it would be a bypass for the volumio UI?

I read some information about that in this article today: … c-servers/
I hope it could be reply to your question.
(btw, RuneAudio already shows the artwork on the main screen of its UI)