Artist images


saw a post in the help forum about no artist images being displayed (artist-pictures-shows-t5687.html). When I looked into it it seems that the URL used for searching for the image is double encoded, so artists with a special character (such as a space) in the name will be incorrect (first encoding changes the space to %20, second encoding changes the % sign to %25, resulting in %2520 in the URL).

Made a quick hack in app/plugins/music_service/mpd/index.js :

ControllerMpd.prototype.getAlbumArt = function (data, path,icon) {

        var artist, album;

        if (data != undefined && data.path != undefined) {   
                path = this.sanitizeUri(data.path);

        var web;

        if (data != undefined && data.artist != undefined) {
                artist = data.artist;
                if (data.album != undefined)
                        album = data.album;
                else album = data.artist;

                //web = '?web=' + nodetools.urlEncode(artist) + '/' + nodetools.urlEncode(album) + '/large'
                web = '?web=' + artist + '/' + album + '/large'

This does solve the issues with bands with spaces in their names, but bands with an & (ampersand) do not yet seems to work. Also I have no idea where the second encoding happens and if this quick hack will not break other things.

Can you give me istructions to edit the file index.js
I can’t find It
And I don’t know what software I have to use.
Thank you