Artist images (again)


I have some questions around artist images.

When starting with Volumio I browsed this forum to find out that it seems to fetch them from Last.FM.

I had some artists with artist image so I went to Last.FM and added pictures there. It took a couple of days but eventually Volumio managed to get the artist images. So it seems correct it fetches the artist images from Last.FM.

One of these was Jan Willem de Vriend. Since some weeks Volumio does no longer show the artist image from Last.FM but instead an image that says “Volumio - the audiophile player”. I checked back with Last.FM but the image remains there.

One of my recent additions is Anders Widmark & Sara Isaksson. The album & album artist tags both have “Anders Widmark & Sara Isaksson”. Their image already exist in Last.FM but the artist image is still the default one (some kind of head I guess).

Any ideas how to get these fixed?

I’ve managed to fix it. Kind of.

I found a directory with folders built from the artist names and looked into the folders.

In the first case the info.json pointed to an jpg-file that was no longer there. When I looked into another folder I could see that the image file should be there, in the artist folder.
I found another image than I had uploaded to and put it into the directory and updated the info.json file to point to the new one.

After a rescan the new artist image was shown.

In the second case the info.json file did not point to any image. Same procedure but it didn’t work, and nothing in the logs.

Changed image size and cleared image cache. Now the first image disappeared, and the original was back?? The new files I added were removed.

So Jan Willem is back, for a while at least. But Anders and Sara seem to be tougher to get in there.

Patience is apparently a key issue. I haven’t done anything but today the missing artist image was shown today when I started Volumio (it is not on all the time).
I added it three days ago and yesterday it was not present.

Might be processing is slow, I am running on a Raspberry PI 3 with Nanosound DAC.

And right now I saw that another artist image mysteriously has been dropped.
Guess I’ll look into that later and at the same time try to change some of the more hideous images Volumio has downloaded, for example the David Johansen and Mary Margaret O’Hara images.