Anyone using a NAD D3045 (ouput delay)

Anyone with a NAD D3045 experience a delay of 2-4 seconds before there is audio output?

I’m using a NAD D3020 connected via USB to a RPI 3B. So the setup is probably a bit similar. A fraction of a seconds delay when I start playing.

Delays can of course depend om teh size of your buffer, your connection speed and the hardware on which you run Volumio.

You might want to do a reboot, let Volumio settle and start a new song. Then post the log. Maybe someting can be seen in them.

Thanks for replying.

It’s related to the D4035. The song is already playing before there is audio output.
It’s not depending on the player, it happens with Moode, PiCorePlayer, LMS, JRiver, …
Even if I play a song and pause for longer then 4 seconds, and start playing again the progress bar moves on, the audio is being muted for 3-4 seconds.
This behavior is on every input
Doing the same using my NAD C740 or Icepower 125asx2 it does not occur.

I have a feeling I had a similar problem a while ago. I had turned on Auto Standby, and when the unit needed to wake up it took about 4 seconds from when a song started playing. Is it like this all the time?
Does this happen from all inputs or only the USB input?

This behavior is on every input
All the time, as mentioned in previous reply even after pause a song, press play again 4 seconds silence and 4 seconds miss of a track

Performed a factory reset, upgraded to the latest firmware. Issue still there.

Tricky. Sorry, don’t think I can be of any assistance there. Keeping my fingers crossed you get it resolved.

Yeah, have contacted the dealer, waiting for his response. But I am not know for my excellent patient skills…
So maybe the folks here have experienced similar issues


Guess what…
Seems the issue was caused by the auto sense function. Which is default enabled after a factory reset. As I am pretty sure that I never enabled it.