Allo USbridge USB Support

I recently replaced my Rpi3/Allo DigioOne Sig with a Allo USbridge with DigiOne Sig attached.
The objective is to utilize the USB output of the USBridge and connect it to my New HOLO Spring3 Dac.
The USB output on US Bridge support following: full 512 DSD / PCM 768Khz.
The USB input on HOLO Spring 3 support s following: PCM 44.1K-1.536M (32bit),DSD64-512x (DOP) & DSD 64-1024x (Native)
Well the USbridge Sig, with DigiOne SIG sounds great connected to HOLO DAC on Coax input1., Possible even a little better than the DigiOne Sig alone.
When I play a 24bit 196K Track from HDtracks it shows 96K on DAC input one and sounds great. When I switch to USB it Displays on DAC displays “DSD512X” and there is no sound.
I’m running the latest version of Volumio (2.917) any help would be greatly appreciated.