Allo Kali with Raspberry Pi 4

Hello all

New to this and starting my first project but I’ve hit a problem.

I have a Pi 4 which I’m using with the Allo Kali, Piano 2.1 and Volt amp (plus a capacitance multiplier). I’ve set them up with Volumio and it all works in a stack but I want to put them all in a slim case and this means connecting the Pi via the GPIO pins with wires and dupont connectors. This also opens up the unused GPIO pins for connecting volume control and other buttons.

What i can’t work out is how to go about identifying the pins that I need to connect.

Searching online, I found one reference to pins 12,35,39,40 and 29 which I tried but the Kali also supplies power to the Pi and this combination does not appear to do that. I added pins 2 and 6 and this does light up the Pi but Volumio doesn’t boot with an under-voltage warning. I have thought about the wire itself being the problem, maybe too long or too thin, but I don’t know if that could cause a problem.

Is anyone able to help with how to identify the pins and what’s going on with the power.

Many thanks.

The Piano 2.1 DAC uses the following GPIO pins:

3,5,27,29,31,35,12,22,28, 38 & 40

The Kali uses:

12, 35 & 40

So, your ribbon cable must include all of the above plus 2 or 4 and 6 (I’d suggest 2, 4 and 6)

If your power supply has sufficient volts and amps, and your wires are of the correct gauge, and your Kali jumpers are set correctly, it should all work…

As you are running a Pi4, try initially to power the Pi and Kali separately to prove it works. I have a set up where the a Pi4 powered through the GPIO pins would be a bit temperamental, but a Pi3 works 100%

Good Luck!

Thanks Yatsushiro… :smiley:

I’ve connected up all the pins you mention and I also found a Tech Manual for the Volt amp which has pin out details (attached) for the 16 way and 8 way headers. The 16 way header shows GPIO pins 7,11,13,15,16 and 18 so I’ve added them as well.

I’m running an SSH session while I test and I’m not getting any errors or voltage warnings so I’m really happy with that.

So far so good… Thanks again.

Now that the unused GPIO pins are open I can get on with my project. Volume controller and shutdown button first…
Volt Pin Out.PNG