Allo Digione Signature - No Sound

Installed my Digione Signature on two different Rpi 4 boards, same result. Song “plays” but no sound. I have the Shanti power supply and I am powering them in the correct order. I had a digione (regular) before this and it worked just fine, even though it was funky trying to select the board in the Playback Options section, it did work.

In the “Playback Options” section under output device, I have selected “snd_allo_digione” and I2S DAC off. I assume that is correct. Can someone confirm?


I2S has to be set ON for Digione Signature.

I also found it was rather sensitive to the coax cable, which prevented playback even with I2S set as on. Thanks for confirming this though, it did help me eliminate one variable which helped me find the cable issue.