Allo DigiOne 192KHz/24 Playback Problem

I received my DigiOne on Monday (8/21/2017)and everything sounds great except 192kHz/24 music files. The playback is slightly choppy and I can see on my amp (Teac AI-301DA} that the source indicator is slightly blinking during playback. On all other sample rated music files (96kHz/24 and 44.1kHz/16), the source indicator is solid during playback. The Teac AI-301DA user manual states that the indicators blink when the input is not a digital audio signal (Page 11). I also have an HIFIBerry Digi+ Pro that I used on the same raspberry PI3 and it’s able to play 192kHz/24 music files with no problems. I’m using Volumio 2.246 as the music source with the playback buffer set to 12MB and buffer before playback set to 40%. The raspberry PI is connect via ethernet to my network. Is this a driver or board problem?


No, I think you have a faulty unit. Will PM you.

Thanks for the help and I have requested an exchange

I received my exchanged DigOne today and it’s sounding great. I would like to compliment Allo on their excellent customer service.

Thx you drsmiley :slight_smile:

I am having a similar problem with my digione (received in Sept). I am using digione connected via Ethernet and with Volumio (tried both latest version and the special version). I connect my digione to DAC with coaxial and was powered by ifi ipower. The playback sound quality is very good indeed but found choppy from time to time. I found the problem is not only limited to hires (dsd and 192/24) playback but also normal pcm (16 bits) music. I have tried different buffer settings (buffer size and loading before playing) but didn’t help. I can confirm the problem is on the transport (by replacing with another transport and found working without any problem).