Allo Boss2 compatibility

I acquired last week the brand new Allo Boss2 streamer/DAC, based on RPi4+. Unfortunately, Allo announced that they prefer Moode audio for the DAC, while still emphasizing that it would be – of course – compatible with Volumio. I tried Moode for a week, but would like to use the Boss2 over Volumio, as my other 2 Boss 1.2.

So, I flashed Volumio in its latest version on a micro SD, but the Boss2 is not listed in the I2S devices. When I try to play, I get the famous hm:2,0 error.

After looking for more info from Allo, I got a draft manuel from diyaudio forum over here:

In there, you can see the mention of Volumio and of the dtbo file called “allo-boss2-dac-audio.dtbo”. I mention from the manual “Boss2 dac Driver is included on RPI 5.4.77 kernel onwards. In some players (Moode and more) Boss2 is configurable through GUI.”

Could you help me on this? How can I add this dtbo file to make Volumio work with the Boss2?

Thanks in advance!

I also ordered an Allo BOSS2 and I´m glad. I’m very curious to see how it differs from the current BOSS.
Now all we need is the support of Volumio.


Have a look over there: Allo Boss2 with Volumio - DAC Support - Audiophile Style