Allo Boss vs Terra-Berry DAC2

This is getting complicated ; now the Volumio shop has yet another hi-end DAC, the Technoberry. Any ideas which of these offerings competes with Chord’s Mojo or better?

I know :smiley: complicated time to be an audiophile, especially if you love those little toys :wink:

Do you mean the Terra-Berry DAC 2? … errydac-2/

No idea how it competes with your DAC… But to me it’s the highest expression of I2S DACs (if we exclude the TAUDAC, which is 3 times more expensive) for the PI

Yep, that’s the one… ‘Highest expression of I2S DACs’ is a considerable recommendation, and I assume that you’ve auditioned it. So; Boss or Terra-Berry?

Chris M

Yes I have both. And there’s no easy answer to your question, as they are different DACs with a very different price range.
Let’s start by saying that the TerraBerry costs 4 times the BOSS. And it does not sound 4 times better, but that’s quite a rule in the audio world.

IMHO the TerraBerry is not a DAC for everyone. It has a ton of features (thanks to the microcontroller, so you can change lot of its parameters if you’re feeling geeky). It also has balanced and unbalanced inputs.

They have quite a different sound signature: the BOSS wins in musicality (it’s a little champion for musical enjoyment) while the TerraBerry just destroys every other DAC when it comes to detail. This results in its sound being very “analitic”.

So really it comes up to what you prefer from music: raw enjoyment (BOSS) or critic listening(TerraBerry2). BOSS and TerraBerry are champions of each category.

I am thinking of sending a sample for a community review. Somebody interested?

Looking at the original URL ( … dex-e.html), the item in your shop would appear to be the DAC + the Combo384 device, and I don’t understand the role of the Combo384. Can you expand on this?


Chris M

Because this DAC can be used as standalone USB DAC if connected to the Combo Module (which is made by Amanero).

Ah so… Given that, what’s the price of the DAC on its own, or is there no choice in whether we get the Combo384?

Chris M

I would certainly be interested. :slight_smile:

On Volumio Shop the DAC is listed WITHOUT the Combo384 (as its advertised as I2S DAC)

@jonners send me an email at info at volumio dot org :wink:

email sent.

Including local VAT and other taxes plus shipping from Japan it is more like 6x the cost of an Allo Boss DAC.

This evening I took some time, relax, and do some more listening to the Terra-Berry DAC 2 to give you more insights on the comparison with the Allo BOSS.

They are 2 completely different DACs.

In fact, the Terra-Berry is more similar to the Collybia Mamboberry (ESS9023), so for those reading, if you liked the Mamboberry you will probably love the Terra-Berry 2. It takes on everything where the Mamboberry excels and brings it to new level:

  • The Terra Berry is extremely neutral. So neutral that in fact it feels a little “laid-back” and flat
  • Detail and instrumental separation is impressive. No doubt that’s the winner in this category. You can hear pretty much every detail of the recording, whether is good or bad. For example: in some recordings I was able to hear the echo of the singer’s voice.
  • The channel separation is excellent, don’t really know why I had such impression but I could distinguish clearly the stereo mixing difference (where they were present).

On the opposite the BOSS is more euphonic: less detail, but great musicality. It’s not neutral but that’s nothing short of musical enjoyment.

The only metaphore I can think is the comparison with my old english loudspeakers (mordaunt short, typical flat-eart english sound) vs Klipsh loudspeakers (blatant punch effect).

IMHO here it goes along with your tastes and if you prefer musicality over rigorous execution. I bet the more “relaxed” listeners will love the Terra Berry 2 while the party-boys will love the BOSS.

Hello @ all,
Is it possible to use the new Terry-Berry DAC 2 under Volumio 2.285 via the IS2 interface with Raspberry pi 3 If so, which audio device description must be taken (Mamboberry LS DAC+)?

Thank you.

Bernd B.

Yes, sure. You can select the hifiberry DAC profile.

From next versions there will be also the TerraBerry DAC2 profile

Hello @ all

First, thanks for the new release of Volumio 2.295. My question:
Does the Terry-Berry DAC 2 use a separate power supply, or does it work on the GIPO?


It’s personal preference when choosing a DAC.

I’ve tried HifiBerry, thinking it’s clean and detailed, but a Tube Pre-amp would take the edge off of my music preference and maybe some EQ to get the envelope I like.

Then, Allo came along with some intriguing options with KALI+Piano - the idea of clean CD rips (44.1 khz) and low jitter, but a bit pricey for the home audiophile playground.
Then, the BOSS - so appropriately named - not a PLL reclock, but Slave mode to do almost the same thing (at a home audiophile price). The idea of putting the Super Cap to enhance bass - priceless! It is just awesome - if you like Rock, Pop, Jazz and just want to enjoy amazing digital music - plus it gives a bit of that smooth finish (bass and smoothness from the super cap, no need for the warmth adding Tube pre-amp as much).

I haven’t tried the Terra-Berry, sounds really interesting, and crisp (and hackable/tunable) but like fine dining, exquisite is personal preference, taste is personal - too bad brick&mortar stores are disappearing - a “Bose sound-room” with different DAC setups for different palates would be cool.

Hi, at least on the T-B dac2 are 2 inputs of 5v one for the pi (I understand that T-B DAC2 provides clean energy for pi) and another for T-B DAC2.


… coming back to “fine dining” :smiley: anyone tried the TauDAC and its output stage?