All data deleted on usb memory

Hello everybody. it’s time to write, I have a problem with my Volumio 3.x, always updated.
my Volumio is:
2-X900 HiFi Dac Es9023
3-Samsung MB-MC32GA / AMZ 32GB (os)
4-SanDisk Ultra Fit stick, USB 3.1 (audio)
it happens that the sudio files on the usb memory are deleted and I don’t understand the reason. I have to restore everything from an external backup.

did it happen to you too?

bye bye

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I can confirm this happening a few times in the past, with both V2.x and V3.x installations. Very awkward and should not happen. Why would Volumio need to change a file register on a disk, or the files themselves? Shouldn’t the privilege to interact with external disks always be set to ‘read only’?

thanks martinvb.

i installed Volumio after formatting memory card now (previously it was upgrade from 2.x). I’ll see what happens and let everyone know. however urgent to resolve!

Never tried this myself, but what would happen if you would set the SD card with your music to ‘read only’? Unfortunately, I use a SSD for my music library, which has no hardware switch to set write protection. If this would work, it might be interesting to migrate to a large SD card instead of SSD.

I have 2 RPI 4B connected to a NAS but, do have one RPI 4B that uses an SSD for my music. I use it when I’m when it’s impractical to attach to the NAS.

Can I suggest as a temporary workaround, you unplug the SSD before upgrading. It might save a lot of grief. Hopefully Volumio will eventually solve the problem.

Happened to me when I plugged in my Western Digital Passport drive into my Primo. Incidentally the drive contained a mix of music files; FLAC etc, and other files; Word, Excel etc. Most of the files were erased except for a few that remained intact. This never happened when I was still on 2.x and the music files were read by Volumio without any problems.