alexa integration

Hi All,
I have created a new plugin called Alexa which connect to my alexa ( ) via MQTT. The plugin receives
the intent and parse/activate it (Currently it just parse it I’m looking for example on a user interface plugin that can send commands like

  1. search for certain words
  2. create a playlist
  3. add songs
  4. start/stop/pause play

Any direction would be helpful



Create Playlist




In any case, to find what you need, look here: … t/index.js

Let me know if you need more help! I am really looking forward to try it!

after a weekend of coding the plugin has a sign of life !


Interesting stuff. I did have a go at a DIY Alexa trial on a RPi0, but didn’t get it to work (installed ok, but documentation was a little light on naming devices and the like in the config file). I will revisit it in the near future :wink:.

Wow!!! Time for me to get a bunch of Amazon echoes!

btw, there are projects to use the voice services of amazon to create an echo like device from RPI. I chose to go with the dot instead since it has a very good far field voice detection which doesn’t compare to RPI + few good mic I tried.
As for my next steps, I will need to polish the Alexa configuration and the plugin parsing and then can make a public plugin out of it.
The difficult part is now deciding what features are suitable for Voice User Interface and how to make it intuitive enough. Obviously, with voice not all the web gui features are practical…
I think I’ll go with

  1. start/stop/pause/next
  2. volume up/down/number
  3. playlist list/set
  4. radio X

Hi Lior
Interesting Interesting
I have been in “Home automation” thoughts for a while (just for fun) but I can’t really see my needs, more than maybe controlling some light balls.
First of all I must say that I do really like how Alexa talks to you !
And when I watched your video and saw how Alexa behaved I realized I do have a “Home automation” problem!
I have an robot vacuum cleaner I named “Grazynia” but she ain’t performing so well, you can use words like lazy and sloppy if you like!
Do you think that an Alexa like yours can discipline my Grazynia?


I can tell you that Alexa is already well behaved ! Amazon did (and keeps doing) a very good job ! In addition to the “fun” part in playing with alexa, my kids are practicing English ( they keep asking “alexa, what’s your name” and alexa, very non-judgmental, keeps answering “alexa” … :slight_smile: )

For me, home automation was not for the lights… it’s very easy to turn on/off the lights and I’m going to do it sometimes next… What I needed help with was with the music: For example, during morning/kids school preparations i put energizing music and during evenings calming music, and since at these specific times, the usage of web gui over mobile is distracting (and kids are actually not allowed to use it) - the voice activation is really helpful.