Albums not playing in 2.632

Hi all,

Apologies beforehand if I missed an existing post dealing with this question.
Since updating Volumio to 2.632 I can’t play albums any longer in the regular ‘Album’ view mode.

In one of my previous posts I also complained about albums not playing, which was fixed in one of the next versions (thanks!), but this time it seems different. I can play albums via the ‘Music Library’ mode , so it seems unrelated with the album metadata. I add the link to my log-file: but my attempts to play music at 12-10-2019/ 22:30 are not listed in the log.

Any thoughts?

Can you please explain the exact steps you make that don’t allow albums to play?

I have the same problem. You start the album to play and it just does not advance to the next song, even when you press the next button in the web UI. It can only play one song at a time. Single mode is not on. It has been working until yesterday, even though the update was a few days earlier i.e. even albums that played fine after last update are now no longer playing.

Please guys, send logs

Thanks. It just plays one song, not next, no forward or backward skip. FLAC

I also cannot play via media library.

On the dev screen under Player State, the seek value seems advancing even though nothing is playing. Not sure whether that’s normal.

OK I think I figured it out. When you navigate albums and play a song from the album song list, it only adds this song to the queue and not the following songs. So there is only one song in the queue and of course no forward or backward skipping works.

My expectation was that similar to all other music apps, the selected song and all following rest of the whole album will play. I would swear it worked that way a few days back. Anyway it is very quirky behaviour IMHO.

Sorry if this was a false alarm… thanks for your attention.

We are working to make it work as you describe, I agree that it would be the more natural way to behave :wink:

This is not the behaviour I’m experiencing. In my case nothing happens. @Michelangelo: I’ll send you a pm with a short clip of the steps I take.

I am running 2.692 but have the same problem. Has there been a solution to this issue?

This should have been solved. Can you please send us log after you try to play an album? … oting.html