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I have been using Volumio for several days now. After trying all three major mpd based UIs, Rune, Moode and Volumio, I found this one to be the most stable and compatible with my equipment. However I am noticing a problem while viewing the albums list page (apart from the problem with album art not displaying correctly). If an album has songs with different artists, the same album entry will be displayed multiple times, once for every artist. This leads to 10-15 entries of the same album on the albums list page and makes the browsing experience inferior. I skimmed through the forum list trying to check if this issue has been discussed before, but couldn’t find any. Any pointers would be appreciated.


To give some perspective, my problem is probably related to this one

Here same album name with different artists are grouped together. In my case, a single album with multiple artists are displayed as multiple albums.

Upon searching more, I came across this discussion:

However, is the update posted in that thread present in the current release? i.e. If I specify the same album artist name for an album, will I see the multiple album entries merged into one? I will try tonight.


You must only specify an Album Artist like “various artist”, this will group the Album. The Artist from the track can be diffenrently.


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Thank you, Rene´
I kind of understood that after going through the forum posts yesterday. Thanks for confirming that. Can I suggest the forum admins to add this info to the FAQ.

What is the current method for displaying local cover art in the albums list view? I could not figure it out. If I place a file folder.jpg in the album folder, it doesn’t show.


There is no way, to display local cover in the Album view. I hope it will come in the future.

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