Album cover art

Just updated to V2.001 and had hoped to see the missing cover art problem solved. Alas no.

Is there any way I can get the cover.jpg files I have with each album to show?

Hi to all

I have the same problem but with the Browse Album + Grid view only. I am using the very last v2 of Volumio.

The Cover.jpg (one file per album folder) is well displayed in the Playback tab and in the Browse tab when using Search function. Unfortunately, the Cover.jpg is not displayed in the Browse tab + Grid view. It seems that an external provider is feeding Volumio when the Grid is used. Strange …

In addition, how can I force Artist arts in Grid view ? Right now, I have a picture of the old Air show instead of a picture of the electronic band Air. :smiley:

Good job anyway !


We’re looking for a way to retrieve local arts on the grid view, but unfortunately we’re not able to fetch the file path in this mode…

But we’ll keep on working on that until we find a solution…


I’ve read all what I could find on the forum about cover art not showing up issue on FLAC files.
I’ve newest version of Volumio available for Raspberry Pi - 2.175, I’ve tried putting cover.jpg files in the Album’s directory but it still not shows up, neither on playback screen nor on album grid view. I’m not sure if it’s relevant but files are stored on the NAS.

I understand performance issues connected with using covers embedded into the flac files and I have nothing against having extra “cover.jpg” in every album’s folder, but I don’t know how to make it work.


Please clear your browser cache, and you will see them in the playback view

Even after clearing cache, the Cover.jpg files will not be displayed in the album grid view, only in the playback view, something to be aware of.

I’ve got it clear now. I thought after clearing cache .jpg files would be displayed in the album grid view.