Airplay not working anymore at all


After the new Shairport-Sync version included in 2.692, shareport-sync was not auto starting and had to be started manually.

No further released fixed the problem. It was kinda annoying, but I could live with it.

Now, with 2.799 and 2.806, Airplay is not working at all. Device spots Volumio as an Airplay receiver and succeed to connect to it. But as soon as music is played on the device, the connection drops out and shareport-sync service vanishes. And volumio writes ‘segmentation fault shareport-sync’. Any clue of what’s happening with shareport-sync recently?

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Can you post more info about your system? Which device? which audio output?

Hi Michelangelo, system is on RPi 3B, Allo Piano, and device is either Iphone or PC computer with Tuneblade (same problem on both).

Having the exact same issue with airplay. Using RPi 3B and Fiio E17 usb dac. Iphone 11pro ios 14 beta or macbook pro macos catalina 10.15.6

Both connect and play for about 5 seconds and then disconnects.

Sorry forgot to add after updating to 2.806.

I did a factory reset and seems to be working now. Factory reset kept the same version.

Rpi 3B , HifiBerry Dac +
Ver 2.802 and 2.806
Can’t find this device with Tuneblade (luckely I don’t have any Apple device to test with :innocent: )
otherwise it works fine

Rpi Zero , Phat dac
Ver 2.802 and 2.806
Showup and works fine with Tuneblade and everything else is ok

Have other Rpi 3B with Hifiberry on ver 2.791 that showup in Tuneblade