Airplay issues on Volumio

Lately I’ve been having issues when using Apple Music over Airplay to my volumio streamer. When a song ends it will pause and then the next song will start two seconds in, effectively removing the gapless playback functionality. This is happening on all of my iOS devices. Are there some settings I need to change to make this work? It wasn’t an issue previously, and gappless playback still works when using Spotify connect. I also tried a factory reset this morning but still had the same issue after.

System info:
Raspberry pi 3b with allo DigiOne
Latest version of volumio
iPad with iOS 14.7.1 (was on the iOS 15 beta but downgraded this morning to try and solve the issue)

It seems, Apple Music is so fantastic and from technical side so advanced, that this is an issue which is faced by many users. The net is full of queries about that. For me another no-go in this ridiculous company policy. Big prices for big bs…

Can you link some other instances of this? I haven’t been able to find any other examples saying this so I was assuming it was something wrong on my end…

Try this…your post remembered me