Airplay drops connection frequently

Hi all,

i am using Volumio 2.041 on a RPI2 together with a HifiBerry DAC+.

Everything works extremely well except one thing: when using Volumio as an Airplay receiver, the connection stays up as long as i play music. When pausing or stopping the track, the connection drops only after a few seconds. When restarting, the sending device reports an error message. After restarting the connection through selecting “volumio” as Airplay receiver again, everything works again - and so on…

Does anybody experience similar problems? Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you for your help!

Hi all again!

I tried something else: i detached the HifiBerry DAC+ and used the headphone jack of the RPi = makes no difference.
I had the feeling, that the connection now even drops faster. the sound is terrible, but this might be “normal” for this configuration?

Hope to hear from you!

I’ve the same experience and posted in this forum but not getting any inputs, perhaps not many of the forum members are using Airplay with Volumio.

What I’ve done though is talking to Mike who’s the developer of Shairport-Sync and he advised that it seems to be the iOS behaviors to disconnect/close the session (pretty) immediately when there’s no songs being played. This resulted in that disconnection.

I noticed that when I play with local files/offline Tidal session, I don’t seem to have this issue as the music plays pretty fast, but when I stream, i am having more of this issue.

This is not helping your situation but i thought you would like to know that you’re not alone! :slight_smile:

Indeed I’m not very often using airplay… Quality might be less, don’t like to depend on the phones wifi connection plus it drains the battery faster. The Spotify plugin from balbuze works magic and otherwise I’d play music of network(cable)

@ nsinggih:
thank you for your reply. You are right: it feels much better to know that I’m not the only one :wink:
Maybe one day someone will find a solution and will let us know…