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I’m using Volumio with Raspberry 3 and I’m very happy with that (I love this app. :smiley: )
All my files are stored on a NAS, AIFF format, all ID3 tagged (song name, track#, record name… and cover art).
I saw an option to get the cover art form the Net rather than to use the one stored in the dir (if any) but I didn’t see any option to use the one embedded in the ID3 tag inside the file.
So, I’m wondering if Volumio is able to use the ID3 cover art ? I didn’t see any option/setup to enable such feature
Else, it is planned in a future release ?

I can of course write a piece of software to extract the images from the AIF files and save it as cover.jpg (as an example) in their respective dir but I would like to avoid that.
I want to use my own pictures rather that thus from the Net because sometimes, the cover art found on the Net are not matching with the record release.

Thx in advance
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New to Volumio, I have a similar problem that all my files are encoded in AIFF, and the taggs are readble with dbpoweramp or Jriver, but not recognised by Volumio.

I am actually evaluating the different options around the Raspberry, and Volumio will be the one I will retain if I can sort this issue.

For the moment, it is a no go as many of my operas are played with the tracks sorted in alphabetic order !

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As far as I am aware Volumio does not use ID3 cover art. You might want to check if there is already a feature request for this ability.

I don’t have any AIFF formated files, but I converted a single file to test. Indeed, Volumio shows nothing under ‘Artist’ etc, but it does show the actual track in 'Music Library for the .aiff. When I included the original file (.m4a), the Volumio showed an entry under ‘Artist’ etc. as normal. So, I think you should open an issue on Github here.

Thank you for your time!

I will do it!



That’s annoying…
Volumio seems to be a nice product but if we can’t get the ID tag (whatever it is) read/extracted, this is not usable.
I spent a lot of time to tag my files to be sure that I’ll get all information with no additional effort. But if you think it is a bug, I’ll go through Github.

Thx for your reply
Have a nice day