Again tidal connect

After a year of hiatus, I returned to paid volumio. There is still a problem with tidal connect. He disconnects at various random times. Router reset restores connection. I have a fixed IP address set for (pc fujitsu-siemens) volumio. ver. 2.916

why do you use this old version of volumio?
Lot of issues have been fix since. Maybe yours too.

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System writes that it is up to date. how else to update? and which version?

check this Get Started | Volumio

I updated the system and the problem persists

Yes, Tidal is a catastrophe on Volumio. Too unreliable for me. I use my Primo (fully updated) only to stream music from a HDD. If the problem is the Tidal android app or Volumio I don’t know. Yes I have tested all possible combinations and restarts in between.

Would it be possible for you to send a log after the problem occurs? This way we can see what goes wrong in your case. We don’t get much feedback about TIDAL Connect not working well, so we are glad to have a look in your case.

To do so:


PS: @mervinio please have a look

I’ve had mixed results with Tidal Connect, but running Tidal natively has been very consistent for me since about 3.2xx. The only thing I’ve noticed when running Tidal natively is that, when selecting a single track from a very big playlist (i.e. My Collection > Tracks), it can take a minute to begin playback. My hunch is that Volumio is iterating through all the tracks before playback begins, but I’m not sure. Anyway, give Volumio’s native Tidal a try if you haven’t already

Thanks - I am trying that right now and will continue like so for a day or two, without activating Tidal connect, to verify stability. I will later on retry Tidal connect and send a log to the support when I run into issues with it. Thanks again for response (also to Volumio support who reached out quickly).

Sometimes talking about things is enough to solve a problem. Runs well now the last days, both native Tidal and Tidal Connect. I suspect I have had some router/mesh/wifi issues, and been low on patience…

Well, so I have now run into the problem again; loosing connection (sound goes off/on/off…). Log is here

Will be out of home for 1.5 weeks so cannot do much in the meantime but I am curious of your analysis of the problem.

I see from the endpoint tests that your internet connection has really an high latency.
This indicates that your wireless connection is not ideal.
Is using ethernet an option for you?
If yes, I would try it.
Otherwise I would add another repeater closer to your device.

Let me know your thoughts

Thanks, then I know what to focus on. I will consider Ethernet or a new router.

No issues since I switched to Ethernet.

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In my case, my 2 volumio are on ethernet and Tidal Connect is solidly dead for me.

Seems to have started with the last Volumio version.


Well, Tidal connect died shortly after I reported it was fine but it is understood now to be an issue with the Tidal Android app, which still awaits resolution.