After upgrade to latest version can't use USB3 disks via USB

RPi 3b + Allo Kali + Piano 2.1

This morning, I upgraded from version V-2.246-2018-07-31 to version V-2.285-2017-10-07. I don’t use a NAS or any music on the internal storage; all my music is on external hard drives that I plug into the USB sockets.

I have a mix of USB2 and USB3 external hard drives; some containing conventional HDDs some with SSDs. When I plug in USB3 disks, I supply them with 5v power separately with a fly lead. All worked fine prior to the upgrade, however since the upgrade, no USB3 external drives will function - they are detected and I can see the drive but the contents are not visible. The USB2 drive still functions OK but takes an age to list its contents.

Additionally, if I plug in a USB2 and USB3 disk at the same time - within a minute of so the system crashes completely; needing a cold reboot to get it back up again.

Any suggestions other than going back to the previous version?