After update to 2.773 - Playlist not added to queue anymore

After updating to 2.773 the menu entry “Add to queue” works no longer. The function seems to work as usual (see screenshot) but the content of the selected playlist has not been added.

By the way the function “Clear and Play” works flawlessly.

System info:
Hardware: RPi3B, Hifiberry Digi
Volumio: 2.773, GPIO Buttons plugin

I use only music library folder view and from there add to queue works fine in 2.773. Most likely problem is present from artists list.

Sorry, I forgot to mention, that the effect only occurs in the playlist view. So it seems to be related to playlists.

Can confirm - from playlist view Play and Add to queue don’t work, Clear and play works.

Thanks for reporting, issue fixed (we will do a new release by the end of the week with some fixes)



Sorry to be such a bother, but experiencing this exact same problem. Unable to add playlists directly to the queue. Its current impossible to add multiple playlists to the queue. Would you please advise on a potential fix or upcoming update.
Please, please, and thank you ever so much.