Adding support for Wandboard Quad

Hi fellow Volumio-Fans!

I’d like to help the development team with porting Volumio to new devices. As I own a Wandboard Quad and as a Computer Science student I would be glad to offer my help.

Currently I am working on my own Hifi-System using two old Panasonic 80 Watt speakers. I need to buy a DAC and an amplifier. If you have any recommendations for a good DAC or stereo-amplifier just send me a message as this thread should only be used for the development of a Wandboard Quad fork.

First thing I need for starting the development is the Root FS (already posted here: volumio-root-fs-t304.html). It would be nice if somebody could provide it to me as the GitHub-project is empty.

Thanks in advance for your help and lets see if the Wandboard Quad is nice to me :wink:

Greetings from Munich


Hallo Stefan and Danke schön for your initiative. I replied into the other thread and I’ll send you a tar.gz asap!

Bis bald!

Here it is!

Let me know if you need anything!

Thanks Michelangelo!

I already copied uboot, the kernel and rootfs to my microSD. I will test it during the weekend as I am in university right now. Maybe I have to test several kernels for the Wandboard, because some support no SPDIF or WLAN. But I will see which one is the best.

For testing of the Toslink I need to use the Sonos Playbar of my brother till I get my Firestone Big Joe 3.

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