Add Internet radio

I’m a new in the Raspberry world, my volumio works wel.
I have one question:
Is it possible to add one of the other internet streams from to volumio?
I only can find the FM-stream in the volumio list.

gr. Oli

Web Radio
Click on the three dots at the right of My Web Radios
Add Webradio
Add the name you’d like to call it, eg. 3RRR
Add the URL of the stream, eg.

And Robert’s your parent’s brother.

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Maybe you can take a look at
There are no URL’s of the different streams.

Only via Airplay from the iOS-app it wil work.

It appears that they list their stream URLs here
128 kb/s MP3 stream - … ernetradio
48 kb/s AAC stream - … ernetradio
M3U playlist format -
Livestream format -

I also found information here … 043994cb19

Its always the same station. I can not achieve the other streams: 60er & 70er, Rik De Lisle Show and so on.

I cannot find the stream urls for those other station either.
Even with a traffic sniffer they didn’t show up.

Extrapolate to get the rest of the streams types :wink:
Musik Non-Stop - … ernetradio
Oldies - … ernetradio
Rik De Lisle Radio - … ernetradio
Top 800-80ER - … ernetradio
780ER - … ernetradio
WeihnachsRadio - … ernetradio
60ER & 70ER - … ernetradio
80ER Party - … ernetradio
100% Deutsch - … ernetradio


Great, thanks a lot.


It’s a shame they don’t have higher quality streams though…