Accessing the Volumio PI4 with a hard drive / USB stick from Windows 11 -

Hello, I have a problem.
I have a hard drive and USB stick with my files on the PI4 with Volumio.
But I would like to access it via Windows 11 without having to connect the hard drive to my computer every time.

I too would like to update my music directly to Volumio via Windows.

Is that possible?

thank you

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I use a free SFTP program called Filezilla to exchange files between Windows and the Pi. You need to enable SSH first via yourvolumioip/dev.

OK, habe ich installiert und SSH aktiviert.
Password ist volumio aber welcher Port ?


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The ports:
FTP = 21
SFTP = 22

Volumio enables SAMBA by default. Using Windows 10 pro I can find my usb drives at:
\\<volumio host name>\usb

Be careful cutting and pasting. I had to put in a lot of double back slashes to make the text readable.

I have not tried a MAC or Win 10 home but I assume they will work.

I keep a “master” music library on a NAS server and my Volumio music library on a USB stick plugged into my Raspberry Pi 4 based Volumio named “volumiotgg”

On my Win 10 pro PC, I can access the Volumio’s USB drive by typing “\\volumiotgg\USB\MusicLib” into the Windows file explorer address bar and dragging and dropping files from the server at will.

But, I find it a lot quicker to use a program called “Beyond Compare” from a company called Scooter Software. I presents two windows to compare to each other and so I put the Master Music Library in the left window and the Volumio USB music library in the right pane and let the program show me the differences between the two.

Then I just tell it to sync the two folders right to left and my Volumio is updated to match my master library. I t has been very convenient to do it this way.