Absorption pads for Dynaudio Special Forties

Hi everyone, i recently bought Dynaudio special 40s with the stand 6 and was wondering what I can do to tame the bass a bit. I have a small room, around 4m x 4m x 2.75m height and the farthest I can get the speakers from the wall would be 12inches. On some songs there is too much bass without the foam on the port, while on some it is okay. If I put the foam on I feel like I am missing out on the bass on most songs. Given the small room, the speakers are tilted only by a few degrees and dont face a corner. Do you guys think i would get better bass by adding acoustic panels on the wall behind the speakers? Thanks!https://discord.software/ https://omegle.onl/ vshare

I’m no expert in room optimization, but the first thing that comes to my mind are bass traps:

Maybe someone more knowledgeable can provide a hint?

It will most likely be room modes which make some bass frequencies emphasised.
Here is a room modes plot for your 4000 x 4000 x 2750 mm room.

The plot doesn’t account for your furniture and equipment, but is shows the frequencies that are likely to be problematic.
You can create a frequency sweep file to play and confirm which frequencies are an issue for you.
audiocheck.net/testtones_si … 20-200.php
onlinetonegenerator.com/frequenc … rator.html

Once you better understand what the issue/s are, you can begin to tackle it with furniture placement and room treatment such as bass traps.
Bass traps tend to work best in corners, so you would place them there first.