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What you want to find in next Volumio release?

The abilty to use more metadata to create views and select albums and tracks.
F.i.: i like to use the “publisher” metadata to select the MoFi albums.
I also use the “comment” metadata to add if it is a SACD so that I can select all my dsf files.

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Volume fade-in and fade-out while stopping or pausing music.

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Option to save sorting in view settings in library. E.g. in Tidal albums if I select sort by date added, the view is lost when I navigate away.

  1. The ability to edit Playlists by removing songs or re-ordering list.
  2. The ability to bulk remove songs from queue.
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hi a very important improvement specially for the lovers of classical music.
please consider to make the title of the songs and album with the capability of run scroll to allowed the reading of long title that other wise seems all the same exmple ( 11. Gridget Cruise_John O’Connor_George Brabazon - Dominig Bouchaud and Cyrille Colas )a title of song like this if is not scrolling on the left you can reed just the first 4 world. you can see this ability in the program bubbleupnp
thanks for consider it.

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