A Way to hidden music in Libary?

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i want to hidden some audio Files in the music libary. Is there a way? I want to hidden complete folder.


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do you want to hide it for one device (volumio) or an other music player? Who and from where shall have access to the hidden files? Where are they located: NAS, USB-HD, SD-Card, … ?

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I’m interested in this topic as well: I have an USB external drive where all my media is stored. I plan to use it with Volumio only. There’s my sorted folder that is my main library (say, HDD/Music/Libary), but also another one (say, HDD/Music/Swap) wherein one could find the rest of my audio files, which are unsorted, not tagged properly, overlooked, etc.

What I’d like to do is to only mount the right folder in Volumio, i.e. HDD/Music/Libary, just like for the NAS mounting options, where one could /mnt/NAS/path-to-the-right-folder.

Such a thing would be doable?

Well after some research I’ve found the answer on Rune’s forums.

In order to hide a given folder, you have to create a hidden file named “.mpdignore”, this file has to contain a “*”. That way the folder is hidden from the database.

So basically :

volumio@volumio:/mnt/DEVICE/path-to-directory-to-be-ignored: nano .mpdignore * ctrl+o (writeout) ctrl+x (exit)
And you’re done. Note that this is recursive.

Interesting bit of information there; ty for sharing :slight_smile:

BTW you can use any wildcards you like in .mpdignore (not just ‘*’).

To be honest your solution is interesting in a way - but in your case I think there is much easier solution - at least with a NAS:

I have
Recently only //[myNASIP/Media/Music/ is mounted in volumio and all other directories/shares (higher or parallel) are ignored - of course.
I don´t know if volumio works the same way with an attached USB-HD.

Your solution fits for me if I want to hide dedicated directories lower than …/Music/ - for instance to hide a single album artist or an album.


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