A fresh request for help with mounted NAS issues

I have a Pie 3+ Alo digi hat
Running latest volumio.
Qnap NAS.

For the last three updates of Volumio I have had this issue. I run the first config wizard and enter my NAS manually as it does not find it on completing it mounts (CIFS) by default it scans my NAS music folder but only registers one sub folder of six and takes 250 items and stops looking but the update circular arrows still show it looking… it continues showing this constantly even over 24hrs or so so I reboot the Volumio and then it wipes what its collected showing an empty library. I tried deleting the NAS then remounting still does the same, so I re flashed the drive with two different software’s and still the same. Before these updates my full library was available and working so what’s gone wrong?

I think when people have reported similar issues before, it has been due to a corrupt audio file, or the presence of a video file. The scan gets stuck on the problem file and never completes to create a proper music database.
I’m not sure why it only started failing on a the last three Volumio updates though.