A fresh request for help with mounted NAS issues

I have a Pie 3+ Alo digi hat
Running latest volumio.
Qnap NAS.

For the last three updates of Volumio I have had this issue. I run the first config wizard and enter my NAS manually as it does not find it on completing it mounts (CIFS) by default it scans my NAS music folder but only registers one sub folder of six and takes 250 items and stops looking but the update circular arrows still show it looking… it continues showing this constantly even over 24hrs or so so I reboot the Volumio and then it wipes what its collected showing an empty library. I tried deleting the NAS then remounting still does the same, so I re flashed the drive with two different software’s and still the same. Before these updates my full library was available and working so what’s gone wrong?

I think when people have reported similar issues before, it has been due to a corrupt audio file, or the presence of a video file. The scan gets stuck on the problem file and never completes to create a proper music database.
I’m not sure why it only started failing on a the last three Volumio updates though.

Hi, I have similar issues with my music library. I run volumio with a virtuoso plan vers. 2.882 with a pi 4B and a HIFIBerry DAC HD2. The hardrive have the size of 3TB. Ca. 400GB are music mostly in flac. It runs on a FRITZ.BOX 7430 as NAS.
All software is up to date. I changed the Raspi from a 4GB to a version with 8GB.
Some observations: the scanning process is really quick till to the point it stops and setting back to zero. All other processes like web radio playback are stopped abruptly. The scanning process display runs ad infinitum. During the scan signs for “NAS” and “Internal” are shown under the navigation “muisc librabry”. They are lost after the setback.
I read some workarounds mentioning corrupt audio files, folder mixing audio and video files and files with a runtime of zero. All contend in the folders consits of audio files and a cover.img. I installed foobar2000 let it index all files and sort them according to runtime shortest first. No hits. The shortest have a duration of 11sec.
According to damaged files, I have to say that the playback of files in foobar or every pc-based playback software i tested is running. Even the playback in volumio runs when i navigate with “media servers” to the files. So have you any suggestions what i can do next?
Thanks for you help and engagement.

Hi Martin, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

This can be an infuriating problem, and like it or not it does often come down to a “problem” with a particular file/group of files. Unfortunately foobar indexing everything may or may not help in weeding out files. Volumio uses ‘mpd’ for this task as well as playback (although a Volumio specific db/indexing engine is under development, I believe). Even Volumio playing back through the media servers source (using mpd to play them) doesn’t nessarily help, because I don’t think (quite willing to be corrected here) that these are in mpd’s index (which is where your problem is arising).

Would you share some system logs please?

Preferable from a fresh reboot, with minimal steps to reproduce the problem ie. send the log as soon as the indexing has failed? If this doesn’t take too long to achieve, could you do this twice see if the failure is occuring at the same place please?

Hi, Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Of course I would like to share system logs. I´ve read the page you have linked and my routine will be the follow (please correct me): shutting down the pi/ new start/ browsing “settings”/ “sources”/ My Music “Rescan”/ wait till the scan stop/ open "myvolumio.local/dev/ /give a describtion of my issue/ send the log/ copy the given address/ paiste the address here. Then doing the same routine again. Ok?

yep, sounds good ty.

Edit: where does your hdd get it’s power from? It might well be necesssary to power from a separately powered USB hub, if your router USB doesn’t supply enough current. Any idea what current the hdd draws? Is it possible to power directly?

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The HDD have a power supply on it´s own. The output is 12V/2A.
Going to start the logs.

Hi back with log 1: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/2lSwim3.html

log 2: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/xrNFJZ5.html
Failure occurs between 381 and 382 found artists, 149 -152 albums, 1814 - 1819 titles, 132:13:34 - 132:13:34 playtime.
Hope it will be helpful.

Well the scan fails at the identical place in each of your logs, but gives no clues as to why.

Could you temporily remove the ‘Nephilim/Earth Inferno’ album and try to scan again?

Hi, thanks for your efforts. I removed the album and it did changed the results of the scan a bit. Here the new log: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/66mdEHH.html
But I won´t block your time this much with my issues. Obviously corrupt files on the HDD causing the problems. I going to rebuild the library file by file during weekend. May I can separate the good from the bad ones. When it will be done, I report my results here.
Greetings from Berlin

It’s a pain Martin :(. I wonder if it is an embedded art problem.

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Hi, back again. All looked fine till the 561th. artist. Here the log:
Hope it will help.

May 21 08:30 : update: added NAS/My_Music/Rage Against The Machine/Renegades/01 Rage Against the Machine - Microphone Fiend.flac
May 21 08:30 : update: added NAS/My_Music/Rage Against The Machine/Renegades/02 Rage Against the Machine - Pistol Grip Pump.flac
May 21 08:30 : update: added NAS/My_Music/Rage Against The Machine/Renegades/03 Rage Against the Machine - Kick out the Jams.flac
May 21 08:30 : update: added NAS/My_Music/Rage Against The Machine/Renegades/04 Rage Against the Machine - Renegades of Funk.flac
May 21 08:30 : update: added NAS/My_Music/Rage Against The Machine/Renegades/05 Rage Against the Machine - Beautiful World.flac
May 21 08:30 : update: added NAS/My_Music/Rage Against The Machine/Renegades/06 Rage Against the Machine - I’m Housin’.flac
May 21 08:30 : update: added NAS/My_Music/Rage Against The Machine/Renegades/07 Rage Against the Machine - In My Eyes.flac
May 21 08:30 : zeroconf: No global port, disabling zeroconf
May 21 08:31 : client: [0] opened from local
May 21 08:31 : client: [1] opened from
May 21 08:31 : client: [2] opened from local
May 21 08:31 : client: [3] opened from local

Seems to stop here.