432 audio ?

Hi guys !

Maybe i ask this on a wrong forum, maybe it has nothing to do with volumio. Wich I love it BTW :slight_smile:
But after all, i am no expert in any of this subjects, so i guess, i just ask it here and see what reactions i get .
Not so long ago, i got me a demonstration of the 432 audo streamer of SOtm : klinktbeter.be/index.php/432 … z-streamer
I know the page is in dutch, but its hard to find a page in english with the same contenance. This audio streamer/ripper allows the user to chose between the original audio file and a 432Hz alternative. Most people prefer the 432Hz versions, and i must say, i was very impressed by it. I understood this practicaly all was done by software enhancements. The streamer/ripper seems to work on a linux OS btw.
So i was just wondering if this would be a possible enhancement in Volumio ?
Maybe it is techniqualy impossible, I just dont know.
But the audition and my PI/Hifiberry combination working with Volumio makes me wonder…
Would be swell to be able to switch between the original and a 432Hz alternative !!!
What you guys think ?
Any reaction would be great !

Thanx for reading this note, and ty for a great product !

A review of there device http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/441-sotm-sms-1000-audiophile-music-server-review/
and check this site http://www.backto432hz.org/ they tell you the reasons why 432 audio should be better, basicly every thing teejoo’s link wants to tell, but in English.

They, klinktbeter.be, have made an algorithm that tunes the “A” tune down from 440 to 432.
I think that these calculations might be to heavy for the R-Pi to do while playing audio since its a real-time action.

Thanks for clearing this out MobeyDuck !

Hi everybody,

With the release of the Pi3 I think it might be powerful enough to have this function integrated.
What do you think?
It would be good to try?


I have a 432player app on iPhone, It really sounds better than 440Hz
I hope somebody provides a plugin for 432Hz, or volumio give this function officially.