3D print Volumio audio players

Hi everyone, I would like to share three Volumio audio players I made for my uncle, my friend and myself, all are using the addon dac I bought from China online.

The above are RPi 3B, 5inch LCD touch screen, one DAC is using 2xES9023, the other one is AK4493.

This one using the Raspberry 7 inch touch display and the DAC is ES9038Q2M, this DAC have a little display to show sampling information, when I design this case I thought the display just for optional, but later i found it is quite informative, may be later will design another case with this display and also some buttons to control the player.

All the cases are using Fusion 360 to design and send to the 3D printer, all the player are using external power adaptor or power supply. The audio sources are mainly from the NAS or USB sticks.

Thanks to the Volumio, I can really enjoy non stop music especially while working, and excellent sound quality, and I really enjoy too the making of the players and share them with friends.


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Nice ones… any more info on the DACs? Links?

That looks nice, could you please share the 3d project for 7 inch and 3.5 inch cases.