3.179 - No access to Plugin Store (Asked to log in when already logged in)

Running v3.179 on a Pi Zero W2 and logged in with a free level account.

But when I try to access the plugin store, it tells me I can’t access it unless I log in?
See the screenshot below, you can see I’m logged in but got the message.

Tried to log out and back in again and didn’t help. This was working in an earlier version of v3 as I do have a couple of plugins installed from the store but something’s gone wrong on at least the current version.

Any suggestions on how to fix it up and regain access, or is it one to just wipe and reinstall? Can provide logs if needed (and if guided on how to do so).

This is weird indeed.
Would you share some system logs please?
Preferable from a fresh reboot, with minimal steps to reproduce the problem :slight_smile:
Note though, we have Christmas Season, so support slowed down a bit…

@gkkpch - sure, logs are here - http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/doI3SXk.html

Booted up, opened the web GUI and selected the plugins tab (and got the log in request pop-up).

The system info and music service shield were installed before via the store, and the pirate audio phat one was a manual install. Maybe it’s the latter that’s screwed things up somehow?

All three plugins are working fine in themselves, it’s just the store access that’s gone weird.

No rush on it, enjoy your Christmas too :smiley:

Had a bit of a play with this, and it seems to be related to using a Pi Zero W2.

I switched the SD card and the Pirate Audio Hat over to a Pi Zero W (an old v1 one) and when it booted up, I was logged out of My Volumio. Logged in there and the plugin store worked fine.

When I get a bit more time I’ll switch it back to the Zero W2 and see if the problem recurs or not. But another hint perhaps anyway?

please use a fresh install on your RPi0W-2

when you move the SD-card from one setup to another setup this kind of issues may happend

@Darmur - when it was in the Pi0W2 before it was a fresh install (and suffered the issue).

It is only now that the card has been moved for testing into the original Pi0W that the plugin store is accessible properly again.

OK, I misunderstood your statement.

I am running Volumio3 on several RPi0W-2 and I never had problems with plugin access

by any chance, do you have any manually-installed plugin on your system?

Yes, the pirate audio one is a manual install (as I said in the first post :slight_smile: ).

It’s just a bit weird why it works on the zero but not the zero 2. No problem to rebuild it (once the pirate audio plugin gets properly released - from my understanding it’s submitted now, the version I’m running is that final version).

Thought it worth reporting anyway as it was strange to be asked to log in when I was already logged in.