3.175 (RPi) artist/album/search functions stop working

I read this thread and this issue is not listed.

I experienced the same issue with most beta versions of Volumio 3 and reported it on the old beta thread. It’s still happening in v3.175.

The issue is that some functions stop working. If I go to the artist page, I should see all artists listed along with images but often (after a day of uptime) this page becomes blank. The thin green progress bar slowly moves to the right but the page never appears and the search function never returns a result. Same happens with the album page.

Log: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/KbIWPzf.html

This a typical issue encountered with FusionDsp enable.
A work is going to be done on this…

error: MPD error: The expression evaluated to a falsy value:
Dec 15 10:06:36 volumio volumio[702]:   assert.ok(self.idling)
Dec 15 10:06:36 volumio volumio[702]: error: updateQueue error: null
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