2x16 lcd screen

I have a PI 3 with a hifiberry dac+ and using volumio 2
I want to add a adafruit 2x16 Lcd
Everything I Google shows volumio 1.5, and has no mention of dacs.
Or has a touchscreen but since I’m building a retro/steam punk case, it’s not something I want.

I was wondering if anyone has guides or builds for this problem.

Thanks in advance.

I think that we need a little more clarification here Ashley as to what your problem is. There are guides online if you Google, for example:


Or are you asking the question whether any current Volumio users have successfully used this display with Volumio?

I don’t understand your reference to DACs either… what exactly about DACs? :slight_smile:

I mention the DAC because Im not sure if having that mounted on top of the GPIO pins changes the pins you can use for the LCD screen

Just had a look at the adafruit demo, im not sure what script needs to be written to make the spotify/tack played details on the screen.

Hi Ashley,

Mounting the DAC does impact which pins can be used for other purposes yes. The used pins are explained in the Hifiberry knowledge base:
support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/ … rry-boards

Any other pin is free to use for your own purposes :slight_smile:

Cheers so I now know what GPIO pins to use.

Can anyone point me to what files I need to change so there is something outputted to the LCD screen?

Hi Ashley,

Unfortunately I cannot help you with that. There were people with the right Pi2 drivers, I cannot get them to work however; not on my Pi2 nor my Pi3. The B\B+ I have lying around should work according to the stories, but I haven’t had the time yet to test that out.

Hopefully someone did get the 16x2 to work with a Pi2/Pi3… and maybe that someone is willing to share the knowledge :unamused: