24bit / 96KHz audio stream from laptop

Would you like a virtual output device in control panel that sends all audio in 24/96 to Volumio?

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So I’m searching the internet for a solution and I’m turning out empty.
And I don’t understand why, in this day where every Raspberry Pi DAC / Digi board manufacturer boasts about 24bit and 192KHz sample rate I am not able to stream more than 44.1KHz sample rate.

My needs are simple, in fact, I presume simpler than what’s advertised.
I want the equivalent of Airplay in 24 bit / 96KHz.
There are only two options that I found so far:
Shairport that runs at 16bit and 44.1KHz
Linn SongCast that runs at 24bit and 44.1KHz (but crappy with varying sound speed, like an old analog cassette player with a variable speed motor). I even tried Unicast and installed a separate Linksys N band router for only my laptop and my raspberry pi with a N band wifi dongle (the official one actually, Wi-Pi). Still problems with the sound.

How can network share work at high bitrates and streaming from a computer is only possible at 16/44.1 correctly?

So my needs are simple, a virtual sound output device in control panel that sends all the sounds that are produced in the OS to the raspberry pi in 24/96 format.
This way I can enjoy my high res music and also be able to listen to youtube and other browser based radios or even watch a nice movie online, all of this using my nice HiFi equipment.
I personally don’t care about music libraries on network devices, and there are more active people out there that prefer to mix everything and just work on the laptop and enjoy high quality music from their HiFi.
A virtual output sound device works wonders as flexibility. I can even digitally EQ my setup this way, as I’m sending all the output to Soundflower, then capture that back into HostingAU where I apply the filters, and the from HostingAU I just output the EQ’ed sound to whatever output device I have in the control panel. Like AirPlay for example.
For whatever reason Linn SoundCast doesn’t work with this, if it’s not the primary output device in the control panel, it just shuts down. Can’t force sound into it from HostingAU.
So, can you make a kind of AirPlay like virtual device that sends 24/96 at least to raspberry pi via WiFi? :slight_smile: